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All landlords will qualify for either type of account which can be set up immediately without any registration or recurring fee. Keep a credit card securely on file and it will only be charged whenever you decide to order a tenant background check.

There are now two options:

1. (by AmerUSA)

Get the same level of data that professionals receive – full complete detail that satisfies the credit and criminal requirements of most Homeowners (and Condominium Owners) Associations nationwide. offers the greater report detail as a soft inquiry system that is ordered using only the tenant’s name and email address (the tenant will provide the rest). tenant background check sample

Only $36.95 per tenant screening:

  • Sign Up/Receive Results 24/7
  • No Inspection or Paperwork
  • Official Credit Report with Score
  • For Residential Use & Storage Units
  • HOA and COA Compliant
  • Reported Aliases & Address History
  • Reported Employment
  • Chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcy Filings
  • Returned Check Collection Accounts
  • Unpaid Utility & Landlord Collections
  • Credit Card, Loan & Mtg Payments.
  • Security Deposit Recommendation
  • National Criminal Record Search
  • Criminal Data from ATF, DEA, FBI…
  • …U.S. Secret Svc, Customs & Marshals
  • National Sex Offender Registry
  • OFAC Terrorist Watch List
  • Fewer False Positives w/ Credit Match

The most comprehensive tenant screening service without having to go through an onsite inspection.

Also includes the option to create a residential lease agreement and rental application. We do not offer commercial lease agreement forms.

2. AmerUSA Standard Report

AmerUSA provides a faster, but a little less detailed tenant screening report that requires the landlord or agent to collect the tenant’s name, address, SSN, and DOB to screen a tenant.

Tenant Background Check Sample

Only $28.95 per tenant screening:

  • FICO Credit Scoring
  • Future Risk Assessment
  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Federal/State Tax Liens
  • Eviction Judgments
  • Unpaid Check Collections
  • Landlord/Apartment Collections
  • Utility Collections
  • Overdraft Accounts
  • Credit Cards and Chargeoffs
  • Auto Loans and Repossessions
  • Student Loans and Deferments
  • Mortgages and Foreclosures
  • SSN Matching
  • Address Matching

+ You always receive FREE telephone support to help understand your results when trying to make a final leasing decision. If you’re looking for the most comprehensive report available, then visit our other platform at to get what the pros receive.

Also includes the option to create a lease agreement and rental application.