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Option 1

 If you prefer to use the previous system offering the most comprehensive background check requiring the tenant’s email address,

It has been re-branded and moved to: RealSerious.com

Note: If you are unable to login at RealSerious.com with your original landlord email, you may need to re-register which only takes 2 mins to complete and then you can place an order.

Option 2

If you would like to use the new system which offers a faster (but a little less comprehensive) instant report without having to wait for the tenant to respond,  you may >> SIGN UP HERE.

Note: The newer report version is similar, but personally identifiable information is restricted (example: credit card names and account numbers are hidden, but the status, past due amount, and balance are disclosed).

>> Continue here to login to the new system if you’ve recently re-registered.

Confused? That’s okay, call us and we’ll be glad to help!