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About Us

A Tenant Screening Service for the Private Landlord and Real Estate Agent.

Tenant Background Check.com is comprised of dedicated, hard working real estate and credit specialists trained to get the job done efficiently and accurately.

We are here to provide property managers, landlords, and real estate agents nationwide with the right information so they can place qualified tenants in their own investment property or the rental property of their clients. Our customer support staff personally handles every account regardless of how many properties you own or manage. One unit or a thousand, it doesn’t matter, our staff is not compensated with a commission. Time is spent making sure you get the assistance you deserve, period.

We Work for You!

Our job is not just to populate your email inbox with data or to flash an onscreen report with a bunch of numbers and amounts – we are eager to help you choose the best possible candidate to fill your vacancy. Your success is our success.


Have a question? Call us toll-free. We’ll be glad to assist you.