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Tenant Background Check Accounts

All landlords will qualify for our standard tenant background check account, but only professionals (such as property management companies and licensed real estate agents that conduct business out of a commercial location) can qualify for our professional option which offers unrestricted access. To learn more about professional accounts, call customer service. To setup a standard account, register online for free. Keep a credit card securely on file and it will only be charged whenever you decide to place an order for a tenant background check. Choose from a variety of services starting as low as $11.95 – you decide which reports you need to screen each applicant and pay as you go…

Registration is Free!

Tenant Background Check Sample

  • Consumer Credit Data
  • Credit Scoring Range and Risk Assessment
  • Bankruptcy, Tax Lien or Judgment Highlights
  • Collection Account Highlights
  • Highlighted Credit Card Payment History
  • Auto Loan or Installment Loan Highlights
  • Mortgage Highlights
  • SSN Matching to File
  • Address Matching to File Records
  • Employment Matching to File Records

And always receive FREE telephone support to help with understanding results and review options to consider when trying to make a final decision.